Jonathan M. has been a website developer, designer, and website director since 2002. He began his studies; studying art, graphic design, and web design in college. Some of Jonathan’s first projects included working on various business to business design projects such as retail package designs. At that time the internet was a much different landscape including YouTube not being around yet. One issue he saw was the lack of educational resources for other graphic designers and web developers. In 2009 Jonathan created Adobeasy, an online education initiative all about graphic design, web design, web development, and the Adobe applications. Adobeasy tutorials have been seen by people from every continent and almost every country in the world. With over 4 million views, 19K + subscribers, and counting Adobeasy has been a major success for Jonathan. Adobe has also featured numerous Adobeasy tutorials and has acknowledged Jonathan as a community influencer. Beyond sharing his knowledge with others in the community, Jonathan also enjoys working with his clients. As a graphic designer, website developer, designer, and director Jonathan has lead brand initiatives for numerous companies in the luxury fashion and entertainment industries. Whether it’s working on national advertising campaigns or launching websites he has successfully utilized his artistic, technical, and managerial skills to manage brands and their brand identity. His client’s often recognize Jonathan as a extremely detail oriented developer and director focused on best practices, as he explains some of the most important aspects to being successful in any industry.”It’s important in choosing such a career where one day you could be editing videos, images, or coding to focus on those finer details of your projects. I remember reading a book in college where the artist was using Adobe illustrator. In the pictures you would see every detail the artist included. Some might think why include all those details? Well you put all of those finer details together and you have yourself an amazing image, or project for that matter. It’s about creativity, education, focus, best practices, and of course enjoying your work.”  Have questions for Jonathan? Feel free to use the contact form on the website.

The Values

The foundation for any great experience.



Code brings unity with people and design. Impressive coding is important for a fantastic user experience.



As technology is evolving so are the ideas to make code design even better. It’s important to acknowledge the evolution.



Learning isn’t just about traditional education. As technology evolves so does education.



When you set goals you can experience great achievements by knowing what you want to accomplish.



Design is about creating and making ideas tangible. When you’re designing it’s about the creative process.



When you enjoy your career you know what success is in your industry, because you’re having fun.



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