What I Do

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Design Process

 This is some of what it takes for the actual process as well as some of my favorite apps.



Code & Design


Photoshop and Illustrator

Another necessity for retouching, graphic design, and illustrating. These two applications are important for any design project.

Edge Animate

A great JQuery HTML5 development application created by Adobe. One of my favorite web development and animation tools. Various Adobeasy Edge Animate tutorials have also been featured by Adobe.

Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro is really an awesome app for editing videos.
It also has some great features to color correct video.

After Effects

Another favorite application of mine for creating
3D projects or adding effects to videos.


Great application for editing audio.
Audition is essential app for editing audio professionally.


A fantastic app that is my editor of choice for coding and publishing.
A lot of useful features so you can work with your coding efficiently.

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